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G’Day Gdansk

April 7, 2008

Putting the Band Back Together

with Polish Resistance to U.S. Star Wars Base!

Back in 01, before the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the priorities of the international anti-war movement were pretty much the low intensity conflict being launched by the U.S. in Colombia and U.S. aspirations to exploit an historic window of opportunity for full spectrum dominance through the “Star Wars” program.

A month ago Colombian, Venezuelan & Ecuadorean millitaries mobilised towards their borders indicating U.S. aspirations in Latin America have not gone away. Also the steady developments of the first strike nuclear warfighting Star Wars program continues. Friends in Australia U.S. & England are now joined by those in Poland in resisting this program that brings us closer to nuclear omnicide.

My Pitstop Ploughshares co-defendant Damien Moran has been based in Warsaw for the last two years. Damien has been organising against Polish military involvement in the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq and the CIA renditions program that until recently ran a secret gulag i Poland. Damien has also been organising against U.S. intentions to build a Star Wars related base near Slupsk in the north of Poland. I decided to answer his call to head to Slupsk on March 29th. to join Damien and others in a demonstration against this proposed U.S. base. Peaceful Protests End in Police Brutality – 25 anarchists and artists gassed, battoned, assaulted, jailed in Slupsk, Polska

FRI. MARCH 28th.

Ciaron O’Reilly at Press Conference Statement – Slupsk, Polska

“Good afternoon my name is Ciaron O’Reilly. I am from Australia.

I come to Slupsk from 30 years of anti-war activism.The proposed U.S. base in Slupsk, and its associated nuclear weapons system, will make this area a target from people it will make a target. These weapon systems are not secure and they do not secure us..

The United States is a modern empire with a military presence in over 100 countries. I have been involved in many acts of nonviolent resistance across the globe to this murderous war machine. From disarming a B-52 Bomber in upstate New york on the eve of the 1991 U.S. massacre over Iraq to blockading a U.S. Star Wars base in the Australian outback to disabling a U.S. war plane at its refueling depot at Shannon Airport, Ireland, on the eve of the 2003 of Iraq. I have spent over two years in prisons in Australia, the United States and Ireland for nonviolent resistance to war and war preparations.

The United States has dragged Poland, Ireland, Australia and many other countries into wars on Iraq and Afghanistan – the United States now has Iran in its gun sights.

These wars have been denounced as “immoral” by the Pope, “illegal” by Kofi Anan the head of the United Nations” and “unwinnable” by a growing number of military experts.

As the biggest and deadliest empire in human history, the United States attempts to dominate the earth and now reaches for the heavens with its “Star Wars” and related “missile defense” programs. The United States wants to drag Poland into this escalation of war preparations as it has dragged Poland into the military disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We believe “security” comes from peace and justice. “Security” does not come from invading other people’s countries, bombing their children and threatening the world with nuclear weapons.

The U.S./Polish governments and the U.S. weapons corporations – Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin – want you to believe “security” is a commodity they can sell you at the expense of other people’s security, lives and children.

The missile defence system, and this base planned for Slupsk, is a scam!

If this base goes ahead it will make Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and the politicians they bribe, a lot of money. If this base goes ahead it will make the world a much more dangerous place!

We must make sure this missile base planned for Slupsk does not go ahead!

We must resist it directly, nonviolently and with the same intensity that those who wage war and destroy our planet pursue their own objectives..

Let’s go forward to wage peace and stop this base!”

Ciaron O’Reilly


Pod Cast – Ciaron Oz Solidarity Speech March in Slupsk, City Square

First video (multimedia) on the link below has English speech from Ciaron O’Reilly of the Catholic Worker. Second, talking head in Polish, third has part of march.)


Peace Protest Ends in Brutal Police Violence Against Artists and Anarchists – 25 Jailed in Slupsk.

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