In Bristol in Solidarity with the EDO 6

During the recent bombing of Gaza, 6 anti-war activists decommissioned weapon systems at EDO Brighton/England.  Two of the activists – Elijah James Smith and Robert Alford – are being denied bail and continue to be held in prisons in England. Background on the campaign around EDO,  the action by the 6, updates and prison addresses for solidarity mail can be found at….

I’ll be in Bristol in this weekend at a solidarity vigil outside a Bristol prison where one of the EDO 6 – Elijah James Smith -is being held on remand….

and Sunday 7:30pm screening the “Route Irish” documentary.

…if you know anyone interested in the vicinity feel free to let them know

Solidarity banner drop for EDO prisoners


One Response to “In Bristol in Solidarity with the EDO 6”

  1. decommisioners Says:

    thanks alot for your talk on sunday was very inspirational . And particular thanks for you involvement in struggles that inspired me in the past. Some of the actions of the Irish anti war movement have been very inspirational to us in particular what you did in Shannon Airport and what the Derry anti war movement did to the Raytheon offices, i hope we get the same results both of these cases did.

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