Report & Youtube from Bush Visit to Belfast

As Unionist and Republican north of Ireland politicians welcomed U.S. President Bush to Stormont, a thousand gathered in protest at Belfast City Hall , in an act of nvda an Irish Republican crew raised the Iraq flag over the town hall, 100 gathered at the gates of Stormont for anti-war speeches and the local anarcho punks performed a traditional U.S. flag burning…ream/
Later our christian anarchist crew attempted a nonviolent intervention on the Presidential convoy

Eamonn McCann of the recently acquitted Raytheon 9 addressed the crowd outside Belfast Town Hall.

An excellent 7 minute speech worth a listen here…….

McCann, from Derry, was one of the civil rights organisers of the ’60’s. He would have helped organise the 1972 nonviolent civil rights march in Derry that was attacked by British paras leaving 13 unarmed protesters dead. That day is now known as “Bloody Sunday“. The violent state and death squad crushing of the civil rights movement led to 30 years of war in the north of Ireland. Scenes of that day are included in the following clip from the anarcho-punk Stiff Little Fingers along with their desire for an “Alternatve Ulster”.

Check out the 4 minute clip

Derry is presently the home of a Raytheon plant (the 4th. largest arms company in the world). Raytheon was opened by Nobel Peace Prize winners Trimble and Hume. It was brought to Derry as part of the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Go figure? Bush was in Stormont promising both Republican and Unionist politicians further such U.S. investment.


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