Anti-War Exorcism Carried Out in Raytheon, Brisbane, Australia

Anti-War Exorcism Carried Out in Raytheon, Brisbane, Australia
see link for report
http://bushtelegrap h.wordpress. com/2008/ 04/24/merchant- …eath/

In mid-88 I boarded the U.S.S. New Jersey docked in Brisbane with Jim Dowling (arrested in this action) and four others to carry out an exorcism of this death ship that had killed so many children in Vietnam and Lebanon. We passed through the military bag check, carrying blood we had donated to the action in blackcurrent juice bottles, and made our way to the foredeck overshadowed by its enormous guns. On another part of the ship parents and children were taking tours on what had been promoted by all levels of local state and Federal government as a tourist attraction. We poured the blood in a cross, named the ship for what it was and knelt in prayer. We were the arrested.

In late 1994 I accompanied Jim (again) and a heavilly pregnant Lisa (arrested in this recent action at Raytheon, Brisbane) into the offices of Petroz mining company in our hometown of Brisbane. We poured blood from bottles on the boardroom table, pasted photos of East Timorese around the boardroom and prayed. We were arrested. We had named Petroz as coluding with the genocidal Suharto governments crimes in East Timor to exploit the reserves in the Timor Sea.

We had been intoroduced to the political relevance and the radical praxis of exorcism in scripture by the theologian Ched Myers in his work of Mark’s Gospel “Binding the Strongman” (Orbis Press).

Now Raytheon, recently arrived in Brisbane, has been named and unmasked. See this link for an essay on political exorcism
http://www.ecapc. org/articles/ article-5117. htm

Raytheon, and its works of war, stretches from Brisbane to Derry to Iraq to Lebanon. Our humble resistance community streches over 30 years of sustained nonviolent resistance. I first met Jim in police custody in 1978. Lisa in the mid-80’s. My brother Sean (who I have known the longest!) accompanied Lisa & Jim into the Raytheon offices. While companies like Raytheon keep profiting from the killing of children, we’ll keep on keeping on.

Related Link: http://www.ecapc. org/articles/ article-5117. htm




2 Responses to “Anti-War Exorcism Carried Out in Raytheon, Brisbane, Australia”

  1. Adamski Says:

    Good to hear about the Australian campaign, we are holding a KICK RAYTHEON OUT OF WALES – SOLIDARITY WITH THE RAYTHEON 9 PROTEST in protest against Raytheon moving into Wales as part of a private consortium of arms companies hired to run a huge, new privatised UK Military Academy at St Athan, South Wales:

  2. Wes Howard-Brook Says:

    Just happened to find your blog because of Frank Cordaro’s mailing list. Small world: one of the participants in that 1988 exorcism was my soon-to-be co-author, Anthony Gwyther (we wrote “Unveiling Empire: Reading Revelation Then and Now” together). We exchanged packets of info about each other which included the blood-cross on the USS New Jersey from his end, and from our end, blood poured on the 16 inch guns of the same ship when it was here in Seattle in August 1988 for “Seafair.” It was a great way to get our relationship going!

    We, too, were inspired by our community’s reading of “Binding the Strong Man,” which led to my own biblical writings and exorcisms.

    In the One who defeated Empire,


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